Cyanobacteria from the arabian gulf


(C30 Neon Yellow Cassette in O-card, 2020)


Released by Toxo Records






Recorded in February 2016 at the basement studio in Naples, Italy

Mixed and mastered by Cyanobacteria

Cyanobacteria [from the arabian gulf]:
Francesco Gregoretti [drums]
Renato Grieco [double bass]



1. sirens roar rib cage
2. clashes parrots
3. beastly sounds taurus stairway
4. whistles supermarket chickens
5. whale stomach pollutants
6. locusts sex satisfaction


"Cyanobacteria [from the arabian gulf] is a primordial and grotesque sound; a clumsy symbiont of feedback, strings and skins; the oppression of a feedback room as thick as the marsh where the bacterium prolific."