3" CDr digipack mini - 2009

Released by Toxo Records

3" CDr in mini weaved cover. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies








SEC_ & P'ex a duo from Naples - that's Italy using prepared guitar and synth electronics have produced this work. (Nice in parts as the curate said) It certainly begins in the vein of harsh noise, a total clamor of sound - then slowly dissolves or evolves depending on your point of view, metaphysics, religion, shoe size or star sign. I've said enough about this before, which is why those of the noise fraternity have walled themselves up (sic) in the face of those who are never content with perfection. Whether perfect in the sense of complete or utterly hopeless, once again the dynamic brings in the idea of episodacity - ahem! In other words expect the Lone Ranger, Jesus Christ or even Godot to actually turn up with some cock-and-bull explanation of what all the fuss is about. It doesn't have to be wall, though that guarantees the interlopers above wont get in and start their yarns, it can be just harsh noise which shows these people to the door, but then I guess you can't have a door without a wall. So I could edit out the middle section- how close is that to a middle 8- see-! But perhaps should simply join the HWN inside the stockade. (jliat)