Olivier DiPlacido and Fritz Welch

Hammering Nails By Hand

(CD, 2021)


Released by Toxo Records






Recorded in Glasgow and Naples during spring 2020

Mixed by Olivier DiPlacido

Mastered by SEC_

Artwork by Fritz Welch

Olivier Di Placido & Fritz Welch (electric guitar + percussion, objects and voice) began working together in 2014 with the intention of shifting energy through maximum storm surge gymnastics. The duo discards all navigation markers in favor of a shared interest in the simultaneous deconstruction of instruments and vocabularies. They play with a dense concrete simplicity that layers amplified and acoustic sounds with spectral shards and naked realism.
Olivier DiPlacido
Fritz Welch



1- Empty Clock Ticks Away
2- Left Handed Monkey Wrench
3- Hovering Around Some Kind Of Skull
4- To Get To The Next Sound With Conscious Intact
5- Symbol Scrape Tree
6- Growls Grunt
7- Monotony Monitor And Thorazine
8- Cymbal's Dump
9- Recycled Changeling
10- Cheap Sizzles
11- Lockdown Ambivalence Comes With A Price
12- The Power Of Negative Thinking
13- Cluster Of Sick Junk
14- Dim Bulb