le grand K

Circostanze Suscettibili

(CD, 2020)


Released by Toxo Records






Le grand K is a newborn project featuring four young musicians part of the Italian improvised music scene: Riccardo La Foresta, percussioninst who focused his work on the bass drum and its relationship with the breath, Renato Grieco, electroacoustic composer and doublebass player, Chiara Mallozzi, baroque cellist and researcher, and Davide Maria Viola, cellist active both in the field of classical and improvised music.
The ensemble is focused on site specific acoustic improvisation as well as on written music, with a bent for enigmatic and slender codes / scores. Although working together since December 2017, recording and rehearsing, the ensemble has performed only one public concert, at the romanesque theatre within the archeological site of the Seiano’s Crypta, with the norwegian percussionist Ingar Zach. This choice reflects their desire to work tightly with very specific and rare listening spaces.


This album includes studio recordings of six improvised pieces, developed during a residency at Le Scalze, Napoli (27/12/2017).
The order of the tracks and their contents follows that of the execution, without any subsequent changes.

Renato Grieco double bass
Chiara Mallozzi baroque cello
Davide Maria Viola cello
Riccardo La Foresta percussion

Recorded and mixed by Renato Grieco at KU studio, Naples, Italy.
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.


Cover picture by Manuela Naddeo

Graphics by Giulio Nocera



1. [3.47]
2. [3.28]
3. [6.17]
4. [6.00]
5. [12.57]
6. [5.29]