Agostino Di Scipio & Dario Sanfilippo

Machine Milieu

(CD, 2021)


Released by Toxo Records






The machine milieu project consists of two autonomous dynamical systems, independently developed and designed to interact between them through the environment.

Recorded in June 2014 and November 2015 in L'Aquila. Minor sound editing in December 2015 in Edinburgh and April 2016 in L'Aquila.

Agostino Di Scipio:
audio programming, DSP, microphones, miniature microphones, piezo discs, speakers, mixer, carton pipes, mouth, and glottis.
Dario Sanfilippo:
audio programming, DSP, microphones, speakers, mixer, and carton pipes.

Graphics: Alessia Sferrazza.

The CD includes a 16-page booklet with a visual analysis of the pieces as 3D phase spaces where the dimensions are loudness, spectral centroid, and nosiness of each piece.

Agostino Di Scipio
Dario Sanfilippo



1. metastable
2. concrescence 1
3. concrescence 2
4. concrescence 3
5. contexture 1
6. contexture 2
7. contexture 3
8. conjuncture 1
9. conjuncture 2
10. conjuncture 3
11. conlarsence 1
12. conlarsence 2