Outflow (CD, 2013)


Released by dEN Records and  Heart&Crossbone Records




Composed, mixed and mastered by SEC_ at his home studio in Napoli (Italy), between September 2011 and December 2012.

Using: Revox tape recorder, no-input feedback, radio, field recordings, synth, microphones and pick-ups, neon, CRT TV.


Artwork and packaging designed by Davide Soldarini



1. Send
2. Dispersion
3. Boundaries
4. Return
5. Evacuation
6. Outflow
7. Interruption


"Armed with a Revox tape recorder as his main instrument - while constantly reeling his way up as one of the rising forces in contemporary improv electronics in recent years - it was only a matter of time until Mimmo Napolitano aka SEC_ will finally unleash his masterpiece, "Outflow". 
On his 5th solo release, SEC_is providing a tremendous atmosphere via a meticulous experiment in sound, composed noise bursts and feedback burps, shambling rhythms and interrupting erratic-static radio irruptions, agitating electromagnetic fields against distant field recordings and blurring beyond recognition the semi-suspicious borders between analog and digital. This is an intrusive and challenging take on experimental music. come and get it" 

from Heart&Crossbone website: