Aspec(t) Zalaski

Droga (CD, 2015)


Released by Monotype Records







SEC_: reel-to-reel tape recorder and no-input board, samples
Mario Gabola: self-built photosensitive system, no-input mixing board
Andrzej Załęski: drums and voice

Recorded at The Basement studio in Napoli, April 2013
Mixed and mastered by SEC_

Cover painting: Andrzej Załęski
Photo of Żubr: Adam Wajrak
Layout: Mirt (


The meeting between the Neapolitan “electro-acoustic noise” duo Aspec(t) and the polish drummer Andrzej Zaleski aka Zalaski happened in Warsaw in April 2012, during Aspec(t)’s tour featuring the expanded cinema of 70fps, and continued in Naples one year after, where they recorded “Droga”.
Reel-to-reel tape recorder, self-built electronics instruments, feedback systems join here Zalaski’s unpredictable rhythms, to create textures and interactions full of energy and dynamics. If on one side they look at the more serious electro-acoustic, on the other they don’t forget the playful side of improvisation, leaving room for unexpected mashups of songs, quotations, parodies.
One of the most obvious “false friends” between Italian and polish language, “Droga” can steel hold the profound sense of a meeting that is based on stupidity as well as on intellectual refinements, that is visceral and coarse like a Neapolitan fishermen and strong and imperturbable like a bison of Alaska.



01) Quel ramo dell'ago di narco

02) A neuro patology

03) Spettacoli sociali

04) For tourists only

05) Il disagio dell'incivile

06) Selling Italy for one euro

07) Pasquale the fisher king

08) The anal stage of dictatorship

09) Rocks End

10) Utracone Drogi

11) Żubr Ż Alaski

12) The Crystal World

13) Road To Recovery

14) Step 1

15) Step 2

16) Step 3

17) Seafood Addiction

18) Retox

19) Maledetta Droga