Stalattite (Cassette, 2015)


Released by Archivio Diaf˛nico






Composed, mixed and mastered by SEC_ between 2014 and 2015 in Napoli, Italy.



1. Stalattite A (10.23) listen excerpt

2. Stalattite B (9.28)   listen excerpt


"This tape is the first solo release after Outflow, out on dEN/HCB in 2013. It features 22 minutes of finely refined and unreleased material, consisting of two long tracks focused on energy, phisicality and geometry of sound. In the space of this compositions, the feral nature of no-input sources interacts with the glacial articulation of musical and non-musical technique. The final result is a concrete organ of auditive destruction, in which experimental and improvisational approach delivers a deranged and unbound version of PE and harsh noise." (Archivio Diaf˛nico)