Sy - CDr digipack - 2009

Released by Toxo Records

CDr in three-sided weaved cover with inner page

Price: 7 €



P'ex: guitar, prepared guitar, metals

SEC_: analog synth, electronics, microphone

Luca Piciullo: drums, bells

Weltraum play violent and elaborated music since 2003. Their research deals with rythmical blocks, but they are not rock music. Concrete sounds, metals, processed electronics and noise, all these elements mixed with a very intense and primitive drumming. The guitar, prepared with tongs and springs, is percussive and devasting too. There's no melody, nor meaning. Everything hammers.

“Assisting to a Weltraum performance is like being in the forefront, in a guerrilla warfare. You incessantly pass from breaking-through the barricades to the savannah’s tumultuous life, wholly done of metal and melancholy” (M. Della Morte).



  1. Sy. 1

  2. Sy. 2  [listen]

  3. Sy. 3  [listen]

  4. Sy. 4  [listen]

  5. Sy. 5

  6. Sy. 6

  7. Sy. 7


Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2009 by SEC_ at his home studio in Naples, Italy

Available for free download at Second Family Records netlabel

Cover Art: Pasquale Napolitano