Francesco Gregoretti

Solid Layers, Deafening Shapes

(CD, 2016)


Released by Toxo Records






Recorded between August 2014 and December 2015 at The Basement studio in Naples, Italy

Mastered by SEC_ at KU Studio, Naples

Produced by Francesco Gregoretti & SEC_ for Toxo Records

Artwork by Tommaso Moscarelli



1. Cosmic Ziggurat
2. Ring-Around-The-Rosey
3. Uproar Among The Gods
4. Faithful Walking Stick
5. Suspended Solids
6. The Prism Of The Minute
7. Nerves Of A Harp
8. Movement In Nests
9. Circling Menace
10. Unrestrained Activity


When I see Francesco Gregoretti playing I often have the impression of being in a math lab. I don’t mean a lesson, where you have to prove theorems or program algorithms, but a place where the very mathematical concepts take life, inventing an ever new geometry capable of trapping for a moment the entropy of the objects, the vibration of the skins, the mechanics of the limbs.
Francesco Gregoretti is a mathematician: he doesn’t calculate or count; he doesn’t think of beats or of harmonic ratios. Rather he invents regularities in the midst of chaos and unpredictable; discovers inaudible cyclic turns that he then composes together with fanatical perseverance; he looks for the controlled stumble. But he stumbles for real. The objects falling on his drum-kit follow free trajectories, while his limbs are equally free and confused in trying to follow them; the beating and rubbing techniques are not just ways to produce sounds, but are the trigger of resonances, played in a complex feedback loop where, reacting in chain, they produce unexpected and sometimes seemingly unmanageable results.
For this reason Francesco Gregoretti’s music is for me the expression of a precise poetic truth: the nature is never as mathematical as the deconstructive will, that, by wrapping in on itself with disarming precision, it gives life to new kinds of shapes, perverted natures, little monsters that open to us the way to beauty.