Aspec(t) &

Dave Phillips

Medusa (CD, 2014)


Released by Excrete Music #3







Source material recorded at The Basement, Napoli, April 2011

Dissection & riassembly in Zürich & Napoli from January to May 2013

Mastering by SEC_


Cover art by

Cover layout by Gianluigi "bomboletta" Prenicpe

Disc photo by Nathalie Dreier

Cover printed and manufactured by Arabolaserilab


The spoken text used in "Finned Alive" is by Leif Elggren


"Conceptually inspired by George Monbiot’s article “feeding frenzy” ( this collaboration, that took almost 2 years to accomplish, can be seen either as a play of harsh sound cut-ups or a tightly composed musique concrète racket that will sit on your face and ears like a jellyfish, or as a political statement about the deterioration of an ecosystem.
As it struck like a punch into noise-below’s stomach sometimes last year upon hearing the pre-master of it, i am sure that the same will happen to you, as a strange host will plant an entire ecosystem of sounds in your head!"

--- Nicolas Malevitsis - ---



1. Non-Central Nervous System, Non-Cephalized Body
2. Odi Profanum Vulgus Et Arceo
3. The Era Of Jellyfish Ascendancy
4. Drift Net Death
5. Ayumodoki
6. The Fury Of My Friend
7. A Chironex Fleckeri In My Bath
8. Nothing Is Sacred (As Long As It Is Underwater)
9. If The World Weren't Such A Beautiful Place, We Might All Turn Into Cynics
10. Farang Khi Nok
11. Ripped To Shreds (Sea Terrorizer)
12. Scientific Complexity And Symbolism Of The Catastrophe For A World Of Cops
13. Trophic Dead-End
14. Wobbling On The Edge
15. Hammerhead
16. "But It Tastes Good!" (Yes, People Are That Sad)
17. Finned Alive
18. Bottled Life
19. Squalus Acanthias
20. Smalltooth Sawfish
21. Rhincodon Typus
22. Cascade of Disasters / Nachhaltig Schmerzen
23. Trash Vortex