SEC_, Micromelancolié & Youniverse

S / PL / IT (C30, 2013)


Released by Quasi Pop Records







1. SEC_ - Running Dog

2. Micromelancolié & Youniverse - Gravity Boat #2.1

3. Micromelancolié & Youniverse - Gravity Boat #2.2


Edition of 50 copies. Cassettes in O-Pack.

The same program repeated on both sides.


Mastering by SEC_

Artwork by Edward Sol

Photography by Georgiy Charsky


SEC_ - Running Dog 

Recorded, edited and mastered in Napoli between July and October 2012

using: Revox tape recorder, no-input feedback manipulated on tape,

          radio, field recordings and samples


Micromelancolié & Youniverse – Gravity Boat #2.1 & #2.2

Tracks coming from live “semi-improvised” sessions, recorded by Robert Skrzyński & Oskar Jodłowski in 2012

         edited and mixed on computer at home.

Micromelancolié: no-input, sampler, dictaphone

Youniverse: guitar, percussion, electronics

Mastered by SEC_