le grand K

Circostanze Suscettibili

(CD, 2020)


Le grand K is a newborn project featuring four young musicians part of the Italian improvised music scene: Riccardo La Foresta, percussioninst who focused his work on the bass drum and its relationship with the breath, Renato Grieco, electroacoustic composer and doublebass player, Chiara Mallozzi, baroque cellist and researcher, and Davide Maria Viola, cellist active both in the field of classical and improvised music.
The ensemble is focused on site specific acoustic improvisation as well as on written music, with a bent for enigmatic and slender codes / scores.


Cyanobacteria & Hübsch

Are You an Orchid or a Dandelion? (CD, 2019)


Cyanobacteria and Hübsch carry out a similar music research. Elephantine instruments that, malformed with respect to traditional techniques and attitude, become platforms for building dense sonic textures and structured geometric gestures over time. The amplification and feedback as a basis for including the space that hosts the music organically into the improvisation and sonic logics. The conditions seem to be perfect for a musical meeting that incorporates strong primitivistic elements, as a music evoked from an underworld and only whispered to the surface.



Mefite (CD, 2016)


Inspired by the italic goddess Mefite and her cult-place in Irpinia region in Italy, as well as by Peter Liechti's masterpiece "The Sound Of Insects", this new work by SEC_ is a journey into a misterious and unsettling subject: the unfathomable zone that divides Life and Death.

Premiered in Napoli as a live multichannel diffusion for several radios and speakers, with live voice.

Voice by M.DellaMorte


Francesco Gregoretti

Solid Layers, Deafening Shapes (CD, 2016)


Francesco Gregoretti is a mathematician [...] he invents regularities in the midst of chaos and unpredictable; discovers inaudible cyclic turns that he then composes together with fanatical perseverance; he looks for the controlled stumble. But he stumbles for real. The objects falling on his drum-kit follow free trajectories, while his limbs are equally free and confused in trying to follow them; the beating and rubbing techniques are not just ways to produce sounds, but are the trigger of resonances, played in a complex feedback loop where, reacting in chain, they produce unexpected and sometimes seemingly unmanageable results.



Outflow (CD, 2013)



Released by dEN Records & Heart&Crossbone Records with the contribution of Toxo Records


"Armed with a Revox tape recorder as his main instrument - while constantly reeling his way up as one of the rising forces in contemporary improv electronics in recent years - it was only a matter of time until Mimmo Napolitano aka SEC_ will finally unleash his masterpiece, "Outflow". On this solo release, SEC_is providing a tremendous atmosphere via a meticulous experiment in sound, composed noise bursts and feedback burps, shambling rhythms and interrupting erratic-static radio irruptions, agitating electromagnetic fields against distant field recordings and blurring beyond recognition the semi-suspicious borders between analog and digital. This is an intrusive and challenging take on experimental music

from Heart&Crossbone website: hcbrecords.com

Olivier Di Placido & SEC_

Rainbow Grotesque (LP, 2013)



Released by Bocian Records with the contribution of Toxo Records


Olivier Di Placido: prepared guitar with moving neck and unfixed pickup

SEC_: Revox tape recorder, no-input feedback manipulated on tape, radio, field recordings and samples


Recorded in Berlin and Napoli between 2011 and 2012.

Edited and mixed by SEC_.


Moscaio (CD, 2012)



Released by Bocian Records with the contribution of Kunstradio and Toxo Records


Composed, edited and mastered by SEC_ between December 2010 and September 2011.

Using: Revox tape recorder, computer, no-input feedback, field recordings, radio, microphones and pick-ups.

The first version of this piece has been produced in the framework of the serie “A short guide to becoming-bat”, curated by Stefano Perna for ORF Ö1 Kunstradio – Radiokunst in 2011.




Jérôme Noetinger & SEC_

Testacoda (LP, 2012)


Released by Bocian Records with the contribution of Toxo Records


Jérôme Noetinger: Revox tape recorder, radio, microphones 

SEC_: Revox tape recorder, no-input feedback. laptop
Surfing the entire sonic palette, these two titans of the mid-electronic age have the kind of rapport that comes with the best improvised music.  Overlapping gestures and inter-twining sonic debris results in the kind of playful extremity that is impossible to ignore.  No gear worship here,  just the glory of free electronic sound, 21st Century style. 
A staggering display of reconstructed utopia.

(-) Mark Harwood


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Matar Dolores

No coward soul is mine


C20 cassette



F.T. / G.E.


No input

No sources


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Grausam Frühjahr


C26 cassette - 2011


Grausam Frühjahr is distorted reality, peaceful laying, death consciousness.
Heavy junk, sound manipulation, piezo rage.
Recorded between january and february 2011

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Waspnest - 12" LP - 2010

Price: 12 €

SEC_: laptop, processed tapes, analog synth, radio

Mario Gabola: feedback and acousitc sax, resonant/feed-drums

Aspec(t) works with electro-acoustic instruments, digital devices and systems of feedbacks and resonations. Their music shares the timbrical research and the execution control typical of some radical impro music, but meets the visceral intensity and the obscure poetic of the new aktionsm and of noise music, as well as the research on analog devices and concrete sound materials of the sonic poetry. The result is a fascinating and inextricable forest of sounds: frenetic structures, noise explosions, ancestral cries, an unceasing perversion of the soundscape and the time stream.

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Sy - CDr digipack - 2009


P'ex: guitar, prepared guitar, metals

SEC_: analog synth, electronics, microphone

Luca Piciullo: drums, bells

Weltraum play violent and elaborated music. Their research deals with rythmical blocks, but they are not rock music. Concrete sounds, metals, processed electronics and noise, all these elements mixed with a very intense and primitive drumming. The guitar, prepared with tongs and springs, is percussive and devasting too. There's no melody, nor meaning. Everything hammers.

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3" CDr digipack mini - 2009


P'ex: guitar, prepared guitar

SEC_: analog synth, electronics, processed tapes

Endorgan are extreme harshnoise, ultra-distorted syncopated rythms and deep drones. Endorgan is "En-Droga"!