Waspnest - 12" LP - 2010

Released by Toxo Records in co-production with Viande and Fratto9

12" LP in black bag, with external matt cover, inner page and download code

Price: 12 €


SEC_: laptop, processed tapes, analog synth, radio

Mario Gabola: feedback and acousitc sax, resonant/feed-drums

Aspec(t) are SEC_ and Mario Gabola from Naples, Italy. SEC_ plays electronics through laptop, processed tapes, and analog synthesizer. Mario plays saxophone and feedbacks through a system of resonant drums and small speakers. Their music shares the timbrical research and the execution control typical of some radical impro music (Pateras/Baxter/Brown, John Butcher, Jim Denley, Bruce Russell,..), but meets the visceral intensity and the obscure poetic of the new aktionsm and of noise music (Rudolf, Dave Phillips, Joke Lanz) as well as the research on analog devices and concrete sound materials of the sonic poetry (Lionel Marchetti, Jerome Noetinger). The result is a fascinating and inextricable forest of sounds: frenetic structures, noise explosions, ancestral cries, an unceasing perversion of the soundscape and the time stream.




  1. Donoso against the obscene wasp  [listen]

  2. People of refusal  [listen]

  3. Birdnest

  4. My N.I.M.B.Y. affection  [listen]

  5. Tubab  [listen]

  6. G.D. meets dp




  1. Bottomless nest

  2. E.A. = Environmental assassination

  3. Inner dispossession

  4. Becoming animal

  5. Waspnest


Recorded at “A Spirale Basement Studio” in Naples (Italy) between June and September 2010.

Mixed by Aspec(t)

Edited and Mastered by SEC_


Cover Art: Mariagrazia Capozzi